Agent 007 gained popularity in cinema and on television. “Content 007” found its place on the Internet. Discover which types of digital text content is called “Content 007” and what does it have in common with James Bond.

Three types of digital text content: content 007

When it’s original, creative, and aligned with the brand it represents, digital text content has a lot in common with the famous British film spy, James Bond.

It attracts, seduces and, as much as possible, remains discreet while being “on task”.

Just like Agent 007.

In other words, digital text content establishes, enhances, and maintains a connection —a bond— between businesses and their clients, customers or users.

In this post, you’ll find out which three types of digital text content have the most in common with Agent 007. Besides that, you’ll discover what the goal of each content type is and what part of a sales funnel it belongs to.

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Would you like to learn more about the digital text content that attracts, seduces, and improves the user experience?

Keep reading!

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Three types of digital text content

There are many types of digital text content. Some of them are social media posts, technical pieces of text, and search engine ads.

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However, I believe that only three digital content types deserve to be called “Content 007”:

  • Web content;
  • Compelling content;
  • UX content.

Before I focus on the three types of digital text content, I would like to point out an interesting fact about Bond. The character of Agent 007 was inspired by the Yugoslav triple intelligence officer, Dusko Popov. Popov was born in 1912 in the village of Titel, on the territory of Serbia.

Now, let’s dive into the “Content 007”.

Content, Web Content

Content, Web Content: Content 007

By web content, we understand blog posts and different types of lead magnets (e-books, checklists, white papers, etc.).

What is the goal of web content? 

The goal of web content is to attract visitors to a blog or a website. Its purpose is to establish the initial connection —a bond— between a business and its potential clients, too.

Web content also encourages visitors to sign up for a newsletter or another type of email.

The sign-up process is done by entering an email address in the form, although it’s possible to request additional information as well.

To which part of a sales funnel does web content belong?

Web content belongs to the widest part of a sales funnel.

It forms part of the first two phases, the phases of attraction and interaction.

Bond, Web Bond: Agent 007 used to introduce himself as “Bond, James Bond.” On the other hand, we could explain the goal of web content with the following words: “Establishing a bond, a web bond.”

Content, Compelling Content

Content, Compelling Content: Content 007

By compelling content, we understand pieces of the copy published both on landing pages and as a part of digital marketing campaigns. For instance, PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click campaigns) and email marketing campaigns.

  • Landing pages are “Homepage”, “Services”, “Products”, “About me”, “Contact” and other pages.
  • PPC campaigns include search engines ads (
  • Google Ads) and social network ads (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and others).
  • Email marketing encompasses emails a person starts to receive after having facilitated a company their email address in exchange for a discount on the first purchase or some other benefit.

What is the goal of compelling content? 

The goal of compelling content is to “seduce” and enhance the previously established connection —a bond— between a business and its potential clients.

This goal is achieved when potential clients decide to finalise a buying or hiring process and switch from potential to actual clients.

To which part of a sales funnel does compelling content belong?

Compelling content belongs to the middle part of a sales funnel, a narrower one. It covers the third and the fourth phase, the phases of decision and conversion.

Bond, Compelling Bond: Agent 007 used to introduce himself as “Bond, James Bond.” On the other hand, we could explain the goal of compelling content with the following words: “Enhancing a bond, a compelling bond.”

Content, UX Content

Content, UX Content: Content 007

By UX content, we understand small pieces of text or copy, published on:

  • Error pages (for example, Error 404);
  • Cookie notifications;
  • Menus;
  • Forms;
  • Installation instructions;
  • Greeting messages, and similar.

This type of content includes both website microcopy and UI copy within desktop apps and mobile ones.

UX content and UI content aren’t synonymous. Discover the difference between these two terms by visiting the post on the user experience patchwork.

What is the goal of UX content?

The goal of UX content is to help users. Its purpose is to make it easier for them to move around the user interface of a digital product and maintain a previously established and strengthened connection —a bond— between the users and the company that developed the product.

To which part of the sales funnel does UX content belong?

The UX content belongs to the lowest, narrowest part of a sales funnel. It is part of the fifth phase, loyalty.

Bond, User Bond: Agent 007 used to introduce himself as “Bond, James Bond.” On the other hand, we could explain the goal of compelling content with the following words: “Maintaining a bond, a user bond.”

Become Friendly, Writing-Friendly

In the end, try not to overlook the fact that these three types of digital text content have a lot in common with James Bond. On no account are they identical to Agent 007.

Although attractive, seductive, and discreet, Bond is still a spy.

His intentions stay hidden until the very end, whereas his operations are dangerous. Besides, his goals are changeable and depend on each and every action.

Nevertheless, unlike Bond, there are no hidden intentions behind “Content 007”. (That’s not the case when it comes to the content that is being published on the Writing-Friendly Blog).

I craft the three types of content, but only for those clients who don’t use to change their business goals from one day to another.

On the contrary, we define the objectives together and in advance.

Thereafter, we closely monitor and measure the results.

Having said that, if you need my help, I invite you to get in touch with me. You are also welcomed to sign up for a newsletter and become “Friendly, Writing-Friendly”.

A Writing-Friendly Question: Which of the following three types of digital text content would you like to know more about?

My name is Stasa Durdic. I’m a content writer, and a fan of “Content 007”, rather than Agent 007. If you would like to know more about me, please read my story or visit my LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, in case you want to get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to offer you my help with content writing.

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