D-Day means decision day. The Day of two D, Don Draper’s Day. And what about today? Today means (and brings) the opportunity to discover the three types of copywriter.

The three types of copywriter: Don Draper’s day

We all sometimes say that D-Day has arrived.

However, speaking of copywriting and the digital marketing field, we could say that D-Day should better be called the Day of two D. In other words, Don Draper’s Day.

In this post, I’ll explain the difference between:

  • D-Day (World War II context)
  • Don Draper’s Day (digital marketing context)

I’ll also write about the three types of copywriter, and provide you with some tips on how to choose the best of them to be on your side during the decisive battle for your business.

Would you like to know more about these topics? Keep reading.

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What does the expression “D-Day” mean

D-Day stands for the day when one of the decisive battles of World War II began, the Battle of Normandy. Its official name was Operation Overlord.

Operation Overlord, also known as the Battle for Europe, started on June 6, 1944, in France.

Over time, the expression “D-Day” gained the meaning of a stressful, challenging, and dramatic moment.

It’s the day during which significant progress in a battle should take place.

To sum up, D-Day means the decision day.

What does the expression “Don Draper’s Day” mean

The Day of two D or Don Draper’s Day has a similar meaning to D-Day.

I invented this expression to talk about the beginning of the decisive battle for your or anyone’s else business.

So, if youre interested in winning that battle, it’s essential to surround yourself with some faithful allies: copywriters.

The Battle of Normandy wasn’t won by the British, American, or Canadian military. The Allies won the Battle for Europe.

Nevertheless, before choosing the best ally, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What types of copywriter exist
  • How each of them can help you

Three types of copywriter

We could speak about different types of copywriter, depending on the criteria we use in the classification. Here are two examples:

However, I won’t apply any of these criteria in this post. I’ll go for the third.

I’ll write about three types of copywriter depending on how they position themselves around the character of Don Draper.

If the name of Don Draper’s doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the protagonist of the “Mad Men” series. Or, if you prefer it that way, Draper is the world’s best-known fictional copywriter.

Copywriters who want to be like Don Draper

The first type includes copywriters who want to be like Don Draper.

These professionals ask themselves what Draper would do or say in a particular situation or facing a specific issue.

Why do they want to be like Don Draper?

Because they admire him for his daring ideas, memorable slogans, and creative copy-solutions, they perceive Don as a copywriting superhero.

There are aspects of Don Draper, the Mad Men advertising executive, I wish to channel. Not the Rico Suave part or the 5 o’clock shadow. It’s the fist-slamming, declarative part of him when he’s around his clients that gets this ad agency principal stirred up.

What Would Don Draper Do, MP Mueller, boss.blogs.nytimes.com

How can they help you?

Don Draper is the protagonist of the “Mad Men” series. For this reason, copywriters who dream of being a Draper dream of being the protagonist.

  • When the D-Day arrives, these copywriters can help you by carrying the flag, fighting in the front row, and raising the morale of other “soldiers”.
  • Their strengths are ambition and the desire to write compelling texts that impress clients, inspire other colleagues, and make readers fall in love at first reading.

Copywriters who don’t want to be like Don Draper

The second type includes copywriters who distance themselves from the figure of Don Draper.

These professionals send the following message to the world: I’m not Don Draper, and I’m not interested in what he would do when faced with an issue.

I’m particularly bored with the non-thinking heads immersed in digital projects, signing texts that start with “If Don Draper”.

If Don Draper made poop with an iPad.

If Don Draper danced as an asshole during his Christmas dinner.

Seriously. Stop.

10 easy steps to become a true storyteller, 40defiebre.com

Why don’t they want to be like Don Draper?

Because Don needs alcohol to come up with good ideas, he also depends on the muses of inspiration and often mistreats his peers.

For this type of copywriter, Don Draper is a copywriting antihero.

How can they help you?

For copywriters who don’t dream of being a Draper, ideas, texts, and slogans are the destination. The creative process, the way.

These copywriters don’t care only about brilliant ideas. These professionals also care about the way to get to the ideas.

  • When the D-Day arrives, this type of copywriter will be your faithful ally, but not on the front lines of the battle. His of her goal isn’t to be protagonists of the battle for your business, neither to win it in a no-matter-what way. The second type of copywriter prefers to try to meet the business goals, without dying in the attempt.
  • Their strengths are research, data analysis, long-term strategy, and falling in love at second reading.

Copywriters who prefer to be like Peggy Olson

The third type includes copywriters who don’t ask themselves what Don Draper would do or say.

These professionals identify themselves with another character in the series, Peggy Olson.

Peggy appears at the beginning of the series as Draper’s secretary. However, later on, she gets promoted to copywriter and becomes Draper’s right-hand person, with whom maintains a complicated relationship.

Think about who carried Sterling Cooper’s creative. Most of the time, it wasn’t Don. He just impressed and intimidated the clients. Peggy was the real machinery. Don may have gotten people reading, and that’s critical. But Peggy kept them reading.

I’m no Don Draper. So am I still a copywriter, Divine Write

Why do they prefer to be like Peggy Olson?

Because they consider that Don was facing (potential) clients, but that Peggy was carrying out the “dirty” writing work.

For them, the real copywriter of “Mad Men” is Peggy, although it doesn’t seem so at first glance. They see Peggy Olson as a copywriting heroine (without a cape).

How can they help you?

Throughout the series, Don Draper is in the foreground. Peggy, in the second ground.

However, Peggy remains in the series until the very last episode, when she decides to leave the agency.

  • When the D-Day arrives, copywriters who identify themselves with Peggy Olson will help you from the trenches, supporting the peers in the first and second row. Although they seem invisible, they are essential for victory. And although they usually don’t receive merit medals, they use to stay fighting until the end of the battle.
  • Their strengths are loyalty, companionship, and effort. The copy they create may not be on the Homepage of a website, but without their contribution, a visitor probably wouldn’t reach the Contact.

Make the best copywriter be your ally

Now that you know the three types of a copywriter, I encourage you to tell me in a comment section who you would preferably work with.

But before you do, keep in mind that copywriters are persuasion soldiers, not war soldiers.

  • Our only weapon is a pencil. And the pencil doesn’t shoot bullets, but words that reach the heart.
  • Our texts don’t kill. Their goal is to lead to action.

Finally, I invite you to take a look at the last scene of the “Mad Men” series. It can help you resolve the doubt about what type of copywriter would be your most faithful ally.

My opinion is that you should ask for help from the copywriter whose copy inspires you to buy the world a Coke.

Now, surround yourself with allies and for victory!

A Writing-Friendly Question: What type of copywriter would you prefer to collaborate with?

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