If you work as a copywriter, and you’re interested in understanding what copywriting clients want, try putting yourself in their shoes. But before you do that, find out what I learned by walking in my clients’ shoes.

What copywriting clients want: in your clients' shoes

What do clients want?

This question is, I dare say, as old as the sale itself.

In other words, to connect with clients and clinch a sale, it’s essential to know and understand what they want, what they aspire to, and what they need.

One of the most amusing answers to these questions came from the film “What Women Want”.

In the 2000 comedy, the protagonist, Nick Marshall, after experiencing an accident, suddenly “gains” the ability to hear what women think. This ability, needless to say, helps him understand what they (really) want.

However, whereas Marshall, played by Mel Gibson, due to his newly-gained ability, begins to understand what women — the target audience for his agency — want, it’s not necessary to have such skills outside the film set.

To understand clients’ wishes, it’s more than enough to actively listen to what they say.

In today’s post, you’ll discover what clients want. However, I suggest not focusing on all clients, but only on copywriting ones.

In other words, you’ll find out what I learned from listening to my clients, what their wishes and preferences were, and how those lessons can benefit you.

Would you like to know what copywriting clients want?

In that case, keep reading.

What copywriting clients want

For a start, there’s no single answer to the question of what copywriting clients want and need.

Nevertheless, there is a unique answer to the question of what they don’t want.

Clients don’t want text.

Therefore, they usually don’t insist on a particular word number. More often than not, clients don’t ask for any of the copywriting formulas.

Yet, what copywriters offer (or “sell”) is text. Persuasive text. Compelling copy.

Of course, copy consists of a certain number of words, and it’s often crafted following some copywriting formulas.

Still, persuasive copy is just a way to give clients what they want.

What copywriting clients want are solutions. They seek benefits.

However, what solutions do copywriters provide? What benefits does our work bring to our clients?

To answer these questions, I’ll use as an example some of my clients.

Would you like to know what my clients wanted, and how that information may benefit you?

If so, let’s dive into their stories!

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Clients want to increase the online visibility of their products or services

Copywriting clients want visibility: SEO copy

The first group of clients encompasses those clients of mine who, first and foremost, wanted to increase the online visibility of their products or services.

It’s pretty clear why clients want high visibility for their products or services.

The visibility of a product increases the chances of a sale.

In other words, the more people see a product on the Internet and discover its characteristics, the more likely they are to decide to purchase it.

What clients get: optimised content

Clients who want online visibility should get optimised content, both web content and compelling one.

Depending on the content strategy, online content — such as landing pages, ad copy, and blog posts — can be crafted and optimised primarily for search engines.

In addition, it’s possible to optimise social media content, guest posts, posts on digital forums, virtual encyclopedias articles, product descriptions displayed on marketplaces with internal search engines, etc.

How this information can benefit you

  • If you need content that is optimised for search engines, it would be the best to ask SEO copywriters, SEO content writers, and technical writers with digital marketing skills for the help.
  • In case you want to learn how to create content that positions well, you would need to acquire basic SEO knowledge. To begin with, try finding out what SEO copywriting is.

Clients want to improve the way they communicate their ideas

Copywriting clients want communication: comprehensive copy

The second group of clients encompasses those clients of mine who wanted to communicate their ideas better, as well as to explain the benefits of their products and services more appropriately.

Concerning communication challenges, these can arise for a variety of reasons.

For instance, a product might be developed by a highly knowledgeable team that is well able to present the product characteristics and explain its functioning.

Nevertheless, the problem arises when it comes to highlighting the product benefits to an audience that lacks the same knowledge and isn’t sure why they should buy it.

Actually, it’s not the problem that arises. 

What arises is the need to establish proper communication with potential customers and help them make the purchase.

What clients get: comprehensive and compelling content

Clients who want to communicate better the benefits their products or services provide should get persuasive content that their target group can easily understand.

Hence, the content shouldn’t contain technical terms. Nor should it be characterised by a highly specialised vocabulary.

The goal of the content is to highlight those benefits that can persuade potential customers to make a decision and make a purchase.

How this information can benefit you

  • If you need content that your audience can understand without difficulties, turn to copywriters and content writers who know your target audience well.
  • In case you want to learn how to create straightforward, results-oriented and compelling content, consider attending one of the copywriting courses.

Clients want to differentiate their brands from those of competitors

Copywriting clients want differentiation: creative copy

The third group of clients encompasses those clients of mine who wanted to differentiate their brands from competing ones.

Speaking of the clients of the third group, they usually have high competition in their markets. For this reason, they need to emphasise the most important differences between their brands and competing ones.

It’s easy to understand why clients who have high competition want differentiation.

How can customers decide between two products or two brands if they don’t see any actual difference between them? 

In the absence of other differentiating factors, the price will be the only factor that influences decision-making.

What clients get: creative content

Clients who want to differentiate their brands from the competition should get creative content, plus storytelling that enhances the brand positioning in the market.

For instance, the content can be enriched by the story about the brand creation, success stories, customers’ stories, etc.

How this information can benefit you

  • If you need content to help your brand position itself in the market, get in touch with copywriters and content writers whose work samples are original and attention-grabbing.
  • In case you want to learn how to craft creative content, the one that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression, try combining copywriting techniques with creative writing ones.

What clients want: the solution is the destination, the text is the journey

Before I finish the post, let me emphasise that there’s no single answer to the question of what copywriting clients want.

However, if all the answers had to sum up in one, clients would undoubtedly want solutions.

What clients want: visibility, communication and differentiation

When it comes to my clients, the solutions most of them wanted were the following three:

  • Higher visibility;
  • Better communication;
  • Differentiation.

In other words, to sell more, my clients wanted to increase the visibility of their products, improve communication with their potential customers, and emphasise the differences between their brands and competing ones.

In short, they needed solutions, whereas getting textual content helped them solve problems.

For this reason, copywriters should stop “selling” text (or copy) to their clients and focus on what clients want.

The text is just a way to fulfil those wishes and achieve positive results.

A Writing-Friendly Question: What do your clients want?

My name is Stasa Durdic. I work as a copywriter, which means that every single day I walk in my clients’ shoes. If you would like to know more about me, please read my story or visit my LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, in case you want to get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to offer you my help with copywriting.

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