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The Tin Man participates in the search for the Wizard of Oz.

UX content —microcopy— helps you find the Marketing of Oz.

The Marketing of Oz is the marketing that delivers results.


Client: Carmina Kids

Language: Spanish

Year: 2020

Menus are elements that help visitors navigate a website.

“Error 404” pages

Languages: English and Spanish

Year: 2020

“Error 404, page not found” is the page visitors see when they can’t find a web page they were looking for.

Example I: See the page (in English)

Example II: See the page (in Spanish)

Cookie notices

Language: English

Year: 2020

Cookies are data files generated on visitors’ devices. These files allow us to obtain different types of information about them.

Example I: See the notice

Example II: See the notice

Page descriptions

Client: Toni Argelik

Language: English

Year: 2020

Page descriptions are small “chunks” of text that help visitors become familiar with the web page content without doing any scroll.

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