Todays post is nothing like other posts, published on this blog. Its a story that starts with the question: “What is interactive storytelling?” And how does it end? Well, its end depends entirely on you.

What is interactive storytelling: choose your digital marketing adventure

What is interactive storytelling?

Today’s story begins with this question.

Its main character is you.

Just like in the case of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, you get to decide how this story will unfold. It’s you who will say how it ends, too.

Nevertheless, you are the main, not the only character of this interactive story.

During the story, Toto from the novel “The Wizard of Oz” will accompany you. He’ll draw your attention whenever you need to decide whether to:

  • Continue reading this story;
  • Go to another post or webpage.

In a nutshell, if you’re curious about finding out what the expression “interactive storytelling” means, read on, and you’ll not only learn its meaning but also participate in an interactive story.

Storytelling as Toto | The Marketing of Oz

As you read this post, you might start looking for the Marketing of Oz. If so, Toto from the film “The Wizard of Oz” will be accompanying you during the search to help you find it. Discover what the Marketing of Oz is and read all the posts that belong to the category “Storytelling”.

What interactive storytelling is

Interactive storytelling is a type of storytelling that challenges the concept of passive reader, listener, or viewer. This type of narration turns readers, listeners, and viewers into participants in the story who decisively influence its course and outcome.

In other words, unlike traditional storytelling, the interactive one puts the participants in the foreground.

At the same time, this type of storytelling comes closer to the concept of gamification. Therefore, it’s anything but surprising that the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books are considered gamebooks.

Storytelling as Toto | The Marketing of Oz

Toto says that it’s time to make the first decision. I’ve mentioned the term “storytelling” several times so far. If you’re not sure what it means, please stop reading this post. Visit the How to perform compelling storytelling: both EURO and NEURO post and discover what storytelling is. The second option, in case you know what storytelling is, keep reading.

How important interactive storytelling in digital marketing is

So far, interactive storytelling has found its place in the literature for the youngest ones, the video game industry, the film industry (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) and, of course, digital marketing.

Speaking of digital marketing, this field provides tremendous opportunities not only to apply interactive storytelling but also to measure its effectiveness.

Namely, interactive stories are becoming more and more significant in the field of online marketing.

However, the cause of its growing importance can’t be attributed merely to numerous storytelling tools available to marketers.

Interactivity represents an effective and amusing way to engage an audience and inspire them to participate in a story and influence its flow.

On top of it, interactivity is precisely the characteristic that connects this type of storytelling with storytelling 3.0.

Storytelling as Toto | The Marketing of Oz

Toto says its time to make the second decision. To comprehend what interactive storytelling is, it’s essential to first understand what the term “storytelling 3.0” means. If you aren’t sure about its meaning, please stop reading this post. Visit the post What is storytelling 3.0: the evolution of the art of storytelling and discover what storytelling 3.0 is. Or, if you already know what it represents, keep reading.

How many types of interactive stories there are

All online content that contains a Call-To-Action (CTA), be it a button or a link, is interactive.

Everything from landing pages, banners, and blog posts to search engine ads and social media ads is interactive. (If not, it should be.)

Yet, not all interactive content can be thought of as if it was a story.

Interactive stories have particular characteristics and can be classified into six types:

Now, here is where the six types of interactive storytelling are going to stay for now.

In other words, I’m not going to write about their characteristics and peculiarities in today’s post because, to be accurately explained, interactive stories deserve at least a separate text.

I’ll focus only on interactive branching stories.

What a branching story is

A branching story is a type of story that usually has a single beginning. Nevertheless, once the story begins to unfold, different choices are presented to the participants.

In other words, the participants start to make decisions and choose among different ways in which the story may unfold.

To resume, the beginning of the story is the same for everyone. However, its course and end depend on the decisions the participants make. 

The next question, why did I choose to focus precisely on the branching story?

  • The first reason is that I tried to make this post as similar to a branching story as possible.
  • As for the second reason, the branching narrative is not only a magnificent representative of storytelling 3.0 but also a way to find the Marketing of Oz.
Storytelling as Toto | The Marketing of Oz

Toto says it’s time to make the third decision. If you’re not sure what I mean by the Marketing of Oz, please stop reading this post. Visit the welcome page and find out what’s (somewhere) over the digital marketing rainbow. And if you know what the Marketing of Oz is, read on.

What the interactive story formats are

Interactive stories can take many forms and have various formats in digital marketing.

For a start, any blog post, like this one, with a lash of creativity can turn into an interactive branching story.

However, blog posts aren’t the most common format of interactive stories.

For instance, audiovisual social media posts that include forms and questionnaires are a format that leaves more room for interactive marketing stories creation.

In addition, there are interactive infographics, as well as complex interactive projects that include various formats, such as the project The Boat.

Storytelling as Toto | The Marketing of Oz

Toto says it’s time to make the fourth decision. If you’re thinking of persuading your potential clients to participate in your interactive brand story but aren’t sure what format it could have, please stop reading this post. Visit the Contact page and get in touch with me. I can help you both determine the most appropriate story format and create a strategy that turns interactivity into a positive result. On the other hand, if you’ve already decided on the story format, keep reading.

Interactive storytelling: who your storyteller will be

So, here you are, at the end of today’s post.

If you’ve gotten this far, it means that you:

  • Know what storytelling is;
  • Have a good grasp of what the characteristics of storytelling 3.0 are;
  • Understand what the Marketing of Oz represents;
  • Have already decided what the format of your interactive brand’s story should be.

Now, what remains for you to do is to decide who should explain that story.

However, this time, Toto won’t be the one to tell you that it’s time to make a decision.

I’ll do that.

My name is Stasa Durdic, and I work as a content writer and copywriter. If you haven’t read any of my pieces of text yet, you might be wondering if I’m skilled enough to write an interactive story. I understand. So, I suggest the following: If you don’t know anything about me, please read my story. That’s the way both to get to know me and make sure we should work together. On the other hand, to find information about my professional career, visit my LinkedIn profile. I’m waiting for your message there!

From NO to YES, there is only one CLICK. Please share this text.

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Gaga · 02/11/2021 at 10:01

I’ve visited a seminar on this subject and it was so interesting to learn about new ways to tell a story. It becomes a whole new experience.

    Stasa Durdic · 08/11/2021 at 11:09

    I completely agree with you. When done right, storytelling can be a wholly new and engaging experience.

    Kind regards,


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