Quién es Stasa Durdic


I’m neither from Soria nor from Syria.

My name is Stasa Durdic,

and I come from Serbia.

I’m a content writer, copywriter and UX writer.

If these cases sound familiar to you, you’re in the right place.

You’re about to discover how I can help you, why you should trust me, and what my story is.

My name is Stasa Durdic.

And I want, can, and will help you.

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I can help you by writing marketing content.

Blog posts | Guest posts | Ebooks | Whitepapers | Case studies

Copywriting as the Cowardly Lion | The Marketing of Oz


I can help you by writing compelling content.

Web copywriting | Email copywriting | PPC copywriting (Google Ads)

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I can help you by writing UX content.

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Why should you trust me?

Others write pieces of text. I write bridges.

1. I have a university degree in Journalism.

I graduated in Journalism and Communication in 2010 from the University of Belgrade.

In my opinion, the journalistic pieces of text stand as a BRIDGE that connects citizens with their state. It’s the bridge that makes democracy possible.

However, I don’t currently work as a journalist, but as a content writer and a copywriter. Even though, I do my best to prevent this particular journalistic bridge from being burnt.

2. I completed different pieces of training in digital marketing.

Upon arriving in Spain, I worked as a web journalist for a few years. However, due to adverse economic conditions, I decided not to stay in the web journalism field.

I went back to school, learned some new writing techniques, and built my very own BRIDGE from web journalism to digital marketing. My desire to make my living of writing helped me cross that bridge.

Therefore, I use to say that I learned the basics of journalism in Serbia and everything I know about digital marketing in Spain.

3. I’ve been working as a content manager and copywriter.

As already said, my experience doesn’t limit to web journalism. I’ve also worked as a content writer and copywriter, both being freelance and in a digital marketing agency.

That’s how I learned that pieces of text don’t represent just a bridge between citizens and their states. It’s also the BRIDGE that communicates companies with their potential customers.

Nowadays I write that kind of bridge. Word by word, brick by brick. I do my best to improve communication between companies and their customers. Only by working together, we can overcome the challenge of transforming a customers NO into a YES.

Hemos colaborado varias veces en los últimos meses con Stasa y estoy muy satisfecho con su trabajo de redacción de contenidos. La calidad de los textos es muy buena, así como su formalidad y su puntualidad a la hora de la entrega. Seguiremos trabajando con ella. Muy recomendable.
Luis Rodríguez Cid | Testimonio
Luis Rodríguez Cid
Consultor del marketing digital
He tenido a Stasa Durdic durante 60 horas como alumna y me ha sorprendido su facilidad para aprender el temario de SEO/SEM y sus muchas otras habilidades profesionales; idiomas, escritura, redes sociales... Sin duda la tendría en cuenta para cualquier proyecto relacionado.
Sergi Cortés | Testimonio
Sergi Cortés
Multimedia y Marketing digital (SEO/SEM)

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Stasa Durdic | Redactora de contenidos web, copywriter y redactora UX


I was TEN when I wrote my very first short story. My mom still keeps a copy of it in our family house in Serbia.


I moved from Belgrade to Barcelona NINE years ago. Now I can finally say that I came here to stay.


I love rhymes. Therefore, my favourite number is EIGHT because it simply sounds great.


I became mom for the first time SEVEN years ago. In 2014, my son turned into an older brother.


I won my first-and-only journalistic prize SIX years ago. The title of the award-winning text was “The number of Yugoslav homeland(s) in verses and memories”.


My FIVE senses are the five journalistic W’s: who, what, where, when and why.


I was born in a country that changed its name FOUR times. The first one was the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia (RFSY); the second one, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (RFY); the third one, the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro; and the actual one, the Republic of Serbia.


It’s possible to write my name and surname in THREE ways: as Stasa Durdic, Staša Đurđić, and Сташа Ђурђић.


I write and read in TWO alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin.



In the end, I have ONE story for you. Would you like to read it?

My story: how I crossed the bridge from Staša Đurđić to Stasa Durdic


I was born on December 26, 1986, in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. My parents say that, on the day of my birth, there were 27 degrees below zero. It was snowing the whole day. The city turned white.

During the first 18 years of my life, I was living in a small town, Backa Palanka. The memories of my hometown are the memories of my childhood; I still remember both snowy nights and sunny days at Backa Palanka.


When my university studies began in 2005, I moved to the capital of Serbia. It was October when I arrived in Belgrade. And even though I can’t claim that the day of my arrival was cloudy, I do remember that Belgrade facades seemed grey.

I had been studying Journalism and Communication for three years when I met my partner. At that very moment began the third chapter of my grey-and-yellow story.


Because of him, I decided to move from Belgrade to Barcelona. Since my partner is from Catalonia, I switched from the idea of taking a postgraduate course “somewhere abroad” to the decision to take it in Barcelona. As a result, I arrived in the Catalan capital in October 2010.

My decision resembled a departure from grey and the arrival to yellow. I left the grey facades of Belgrade to reach a sunny Barcelona. The city welcomed me with a mild climate, great weather, and the yellow leaves of happy autumn.


However, it was a journey from grey to grey. Although my arrival in Barcelona was sunny, the clouds were challenging my happiness. At the time, Spain was facing a severe economic crisis. Traditional journalism was reinventing itself, while different new professions for journalist graduates were appearing.

I failed to keep up with all those changes. The storm of unwanted labels suddenly arrived in my life. At the age of 24, I switched from a graduate student to an unemployed person, from a Serbian to a foreigner, and from a small-town girl to another immigrant from an eastern-europian country.


How did I fight against the grey-coloured present? I began by taking part in sporadic, freelance projects. During the first years of my life in Barcelona, I worked in different sectors, performed temporary and voluntary jobs, and settled for minimum remuneration.

The present was grey, but I didn’t know what colour the future would be. One of the lessons I learned during that period of my life is that work helps a person to move forward. However, I wasn’t sure how to move forward without knowing which direction to take. The only thing I was sure of was the future could not remain cloudy.


I decided to build my own bridge towards the sunrise. I didn’t come to Spain to fulfil all of my dreams. I didn’t dream of practising my profession at all costs. But I did dream of making my living from writing. I dreamt of it despite living in a foreign country, not being a native Spanish speaker, and facing the challenging goal.

Writing means building the bridge; learning means crossing it. I couldn’t let my dream become a nightmare. To avoid that, I decided to train more. I immersed myself in digital marketing, signed up for a copywriting course, and discovered UX writing. I did all that because my story was waiting for me.


The future is now. With a pencil in my hand, I began to take over my story, letter by letter, step by step. I decided to be its real protagonist. It was time for a sunny outcome.

The present is yellow. Thanks to my dream, I managed to turn my pencil into the bridge between grey and yellow, between what I was and what I am. Crossing that bridge, I turned from a journalist to a copywriter, from Staša Đurđić to Stasa Durdic.

Yellow is possible. Nowadays I work to help the companies whose potential customers still didn’t cross from one to another side of the bridge. My goal is to show that a pencil can serve as a bridge, that the text can lead from NO to YES, and that there is no bad weather. There’s only inappropriate clothing.

The clouds sometimes cover our sight, but the sun rises every day. Today has also come out.

My story doesn’t end with a MORAL, but with a PROPOSAL.

If your story is GREY, I can help you make its outcome YELLOW.

Don’t wait tomorrow to build or cross your own bridge. You can do it today.

Today is the perfect moment to enjoy the sun.

No spam coming from this website. Spam doesn’t build bridges.

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