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Would you like to publish your first text, but still don’t have a blog where to do it?

Do you need more online traffic to improve your website’s ranking on search engines?

Does your content strategy include the publication of guest posts?

Publish your text on the Writing-Friendly Blog.

Gain visibility for your text without a blog.

Drive traffic to your website and improve its search engine ranking.

Execute your content strategy on a blog whose traffic is growing at a fast pace.

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Become the next Writing-Friendly Author.

Who can become the Writing-Friendly Author?

The Writing-Friendly Author can become any person that has an interest in digital marketing, as well as knowledge related to this field.

The person doesn’t have to work as a content writer or copywriter, but he or she should:

Have knowledge regarding one of the five categories of posts (content writing, copywriting, UX writing, storytelling or branding).

Be able to craft a text thinking both of the reader and the Google algorithm.

Know how content marketing works and value the benefits that the guest-post publication provides.

If you're that person, I would love you to be the next Writing-Friendly Author.

What requirements should your text meet?

To be published in the Guest Posts section, your text should meet three requirements. In other words, it should be:

Copywriting para pequeños empresarios, emprendedores y profesionales independientes

What am I offering?

I’m offering publication of your post on the 28th of the month, plus a small presentation about you.

Three “follow” links to your website, blog or social media profiles.

In the end, I’m offering you the mention on Writing-Friendly Instagram account.

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