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Would you like to publish a blog post without having to create a blog?

Need to work on the referral traffic to improve your website’s domain authority (DA)?

Does your content strategy include the publication of guest posts?

Publish your post on the Writing-Friendly Blog.

Gain visibility for your posts without running a blog.

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Become the next Writing-Friendly Author.

Who can become a Writing-Friendly Author?

Any person who possesses both a high interest in digital marketing and relevant knowledge related to this field can become a Writing-Friendly Author.

The next Writing-Friendly Authors don’t have to be experienced content writers and copywriters, but they should:

Have knowledge regarding one of the five categories of posts (content writing, copywriting, UX writing, storytelling or branding);

Be able to craft a post thinking both of the readers and the Google algorithm;

Understand how content marketing works and value the benefits that the guest-post publication provides.

If you're that person, you're invited to be the next Writing-Friendly Author.

What requirements should your post meet?

To be published in the Writing-Friendly Guest Posts section, your post should meet the following three requirements:

Copywriting para pequeños empresarios, emprendedores y profesionales independientes

What am I offering?

If you decide to become the next Writing-Friendly Author, you can count on:

My help during the preparation, layout, optimisation and publication of your guest post;

Three “follow” links to your website, blog or social media profiles;

FREE for freelance professionals